Home Value Lookup


So you decided to buy or sell a home but you need to know the value of that home before you make a decision. One of the easiest ways to find your home’s value is by doing a home value lookup with one of the free online home appraisal sites. They seem to have the most accurate estimate tools and doing a quick home value lookup takes just 60 seconds.

If you are buying a home you should always get a professional appraisal and most likely will be required to do so if you are getting a home loan. But before you make an offer you should find the estimated value of the home so that you can make a educated offer.

If you are selling your home you should do a quick home value lookup to make sure that you don’t price your home too high or too low. I recommend that you price your home for 3 to 5 percent less than the current market if you want a quick sale. By doing a home value lookup you will more likely have a good estimate of what your home will sell for.

Home value lookups are free and only take a few seconds.


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Home Value Lookup